Your roof is the single most important investment you will make for your property as it protects your entire investment. Our Service & Maintenance Team has one of the most experienced and educated backgrounds in the state. Our staff holds degrees in: Accounting, Engineering and Architecture. We will provide you with many options that will suit your needs and budget.

Your experience with us will include: A free, detailed report of the welfare of your roof. A repair cost to get your roof up to standard. A recover / replace cost if it's needed, and an annual inspection. 

If you follow this process, your roof will never leak again and fulfills its life expectancy.

Depending on the size and complication of your roof, below is a list of annual inspections:

0-400 square feet

Annual Inspection



400-800 square feet





800 + square feet







-  Cleaning debris from drains

Caulking cracked or shrinking caulk

-  Monitor membrane aging

-  Remove wind debris accumulation


- Compile a report of significant problems such as: cracking membrane, sagging walls, damage done by other trades, shrinking rubber gaskets, etc.

Squeegee accumulated water to drains

We provide 24 hour emergency services.

After we perform our first inspection, repair your roof to our standards, and provide annual inspections, you will never have to worry about your roof again! If your roof does leak anytime between our annual inspections, we will repair it for free.

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